So much for writing every day…right?

As usual, life throws you curve balls every time you think you have it figured out. So the goal of writing every day was thwarted by….every day life. Crazy work, crazy outside of work, my days have been basically Wake, work, help kid with homework, take kid to extracurricular, sleep, repeat. I’ve really just not had time to compose a thought on anything. Going to try to get better at it again… I feel better when I write. Just need to decide the best way to block out time and make it happen. In the meantime, I wonder if anyone...Read more

Why do I feel the need to write again?

I had mentioned somewhere that I stopped writing this blog 14 or 15 years ago because I got busy and because I didn’t feel the need to write. I thought I should probably explain that some. When I started this blog back in 2002 I was unemployed, single and, after several months of unemployment, broke. I was depressed and living the life of a virtual shut in. I couldn’t afford to go anywhere or do anything – so I spent my days looking for a job and feeling sorry for myself. Writing became both a way to be a little...Read more


Watching survival shows over the years what has always struck me is that once basic needs are met – the thing that affects people the most is the loneliness. The absence of loved ones and lack of human interaction drives many of these otherwise mentally strong people to tears over the course of their trial.Beyond our basic needs of food, water and shelter we need nothing to survive. Everything after that only contributes to our overall quality of life. Yet nothing contributes more to our quality of life than the people we share it with. Good friends and happy families...Read more