Son, Brother, Husband, Father, Dog lover, Gadget Geek, Nerd.

The average American man with an average American family. I hate my job, live nearly paycheck to paycheck and will likely never afford to retire.

Seeking knowledge and change – in that order.

I first started a blog back in 2002. I had been laid off from my job and was out of work for several months. I started writing every day to keep myself sane and kept at it for quite a while. Once I was back to work and busy, writing became something I never had time for. I then got married, had a kid and now, 15 years later, I am feeling the need to write again.

Feel free to come along…or not. There are no comments on this site – as the writing is more for me to get things out then for others to critique. If something strikes your fancy – feel free to drop me a note via twitter @nonproductive.