Current state of US politics

On at least a few occasions in the last couple of weeks I have been told that I need to “let it go and embrace the country’s president – for the good of the country.” One added “All this divisiveness is not good for our image globally and it is hurting us internally. He was elected and you need to support him.” Bull shit. Essentially, what you are saying is that I need to accept and “embrace” the behavior of a man that exemplifies all that is wrong with our country and the womanizers, bigots, racists, homophobes and xenophobes that...Read more

Ghost Story

Already failing at my daily writing because life is keeping me busy. This one pulled from the Archive – originally from May 13, 2002 —– The room where I sleep is just above my basement. Separating the two rooms is a louvered door and a small flight of steps. Half of the basement is finished off now, but the other half is still storage and partially taken up by a workbench that my brother used to use frequently. He would spend most of his time down there working on whatever and listening to the radio. Those of you that have...Read more

Rebirth of the site

In late 2001 I was laid off from the company I was working for. They had filed bankruptcy after the 9/11 attack and laid off 10% of the nationwide staff in one day. I had severance and unemployment benefits and thought I would be sitting pretty with cash in hand and a new job the next week. In early 2002 I started a blog. I had not found a job, was burning through my money paying bills and needed some way to keep myself sane. Writing each day became part of my routine. Some posts were little more than a...Read more