I have a dog problem

As of this writing – 11/3/17 at 7:49PM There are 5 dogs in my house and only 4 people. We are outnumbered if they ever decided to rise up against their human oppressors. From oldest to youngest there’s: Sam – a Wheaton terrier that I got from a pet store. Sam was a rebound dog. Prior to Sam I had a black lab/wolfhound mix that I got from the ASPCA. She was my shadow for 11 years before passing away. That was a Tuesday – I had Sam on Thursday. I love him – as I do all my dogs,...Read more

Bug Huntin’

This was originally posted to this site on April 18, 2002 12:01 AM At the time I had a Black Lab/Irish Wolfhound mix named Bailey. She was “the” dog for me and gone 11 years now. Even though I have 4 other dogs right now, I still miss her every day. After squishing a spider in my office I thought about this story…so I dug it out for your reading pleasure.Read more