I have spent over 20 years as a project manager. I’ve worked at 3 different companies and done finance, marketing, IT and hardware installation projects. I have hated every minute of it.

I kept taking the positions because they offered better pay. I never really thought about doing what I enjoyed. Younger, single, less accountable me didn’t care…I had money to burn. Older, married, stressed out due to massive responsibility me wishes I had put some more thought into this. I’m now at a point where I want to get off this career path but can’t do so without taking a massive pay cut – and taking a massive pay cut means I can’t pay the bills – which means I risk the roof over my family’s head. That is something I cannot do.

A big part of my current misery is my work situation. I spend 10-12 hours a day doing work I loathe and then go home to the stress of a pre-teen, bills, hot tempered wife, etc. If I at least enjoyed the work time – I could get by on the other stuff I think.

I think.

So, today I decided to work with a resume service first – and then from there, if needed, reach out to a career counselor. If I can get onto a career path I enjoy more – then I will be better equipped to tackle the other issues.