As of this writing – 11/3/17 at 7:49PM There are 5 dogs in my house and only 4 people. We are outnumbered if they ever decided to rise up against their human oppressors.

From oldest to youngest there’s:

  1. Sam – a Wheaton terrier that I got from a pet store. Sam was a rebound dog. Prior to Sam I had a black lab/wolfhound mix that I got from the ASPCA. She was my shadow for 11 years before passing away. That was a Tuesday – I had Sam on Thursday. I love him – as I do all my dogs, but he is very hyper, very unpredictable and very stinky.
  2. Casey – a ShihTzu that a local breeder was “discarding” because she would not nurse her litter and therefore could no longer be bred. The breeder called us up and said “I don’t want her and don’t have time to take her to a shelter.” She’s a nervous wreck and was never socialized properly. She was 3 when we got her and had no idea how to even go up or down stairs.
  3. Ted – A Shih Tzu as well. Awesome dog. A little nervous – but he is everything you would want a dog to be. He’s actually my mother’s dog (house is a set up as a mother/daughter) – but he spends time with our guys a lot and really just wants someone to pet him and hang out with him.
  4. Soki – a Shih Tzu born with no tail and a hole in her heart – the same breeder as Casey called us and said “she’s a reject. You can have her.” She’s my buddy – pretty much always in my lap or next to me. She’s the dog we take camping because she likes people more than other dogs.
  5. Soup – soup has been with us for about 4 weeks. He came from a shelter and looks to be a ShihTzu / Terrier mix. The rescue that had him had adopted him out to a woman that he bit 2 days later. They called me and said “If I bring him back to the shelter they’ll euthanize him and I can’t adopt him to someone else and risk them being bit. Will you take him?” We did. He’s been making great strides since his day one biting incident. He’s smart, very food motivated and loves to learn. He has a few triggers that we need to be careful of, but he is turning out to be a really good dog. Soki gets a little jealous – but he’s becoming my shadow, much like my other shelter dog was.

I love my dogs – more than most people I know. Tell me I would be stuck on a desert island and could only take a dog or another person – and I would probably take the dog. They are my therapy, my confidants and my sanity when things get nuts. There is nothing better on a Sunday morning than sipping a cup of coffee surrounded by 4 or 5 dogs.

If it weren’t for the poop clean up in the yard and the vet bills – I would have a house full of dogs. At times I’ve considered working for a shelter or a rescue but not sure I could deal with the down sides of shelter dogs on a daily basis.

All of that said, I sorta feel like I went overboard. Five is a bit much… especially when some of them are “problem children.” Sam is getting up there in years and I don’t think we will get another after him. Pretty sure I’d like to work our way down to two. Two is easy to manage and if one has issues it’s easy to separate two. You don’t know chaos until you try to separate a multi dog brawl.