In late 2001 I was laid off from the company I was working for. They had filed bankruptcy after the 9/11 attack and laid off 10% of the nationwide staff in one day. I had severance and unemployment benefits and thought I would be sitting pretty with cash in hand and a new job the next week. In early 2002 I started a blog. I had not found a job, was burning through my money paying bills and needed some way to keep myself sane.

Writing each day became part of my routine. Some posts were little more than a link I found interesting, others were a more personal look into my life. Some of them I may repost here at some point. The act of writing became very important to me each day. It allowed me to reach out to others, to share thoughts I had going through my head – some bright, some dark and became genuinely therapeutic over a very short period of time.

Eventually I went back to work (after 18 months), got married, had a kid and lived my life. I didn’t have the time to write but, more importantly, I didn’t feel the need to write. I had a wife to talk with, I was out and more social then when I had no money – and life was good.

Here we are, 15 years later, and that feeling of needing to write has come back. I started journaling a little – and that was fine, but it didn’t feel the same. So today I restarted the Blog in the hopes of rekindling that feeling of vulnerability I had previously: that what I write is visible to others – and even if those “others” are ephemeral eyes out on the internet, it’s been laid bare before them.

I don’t promise to write everyday (though that is the goal) and I don’t promise that my posts will be happy, tantalizing glimpses into a fabulous life. I don’t promise it will be at all interesting to anyone but me.

What I do promise is to write my thoughts, my words, my views and my stories for you to read and, maybe, for you to reflect on in your own life if you find yourself feeling the same way one day. I promise honesty unless otherwise noted.